Quick inspection

First I wanted to launch the engine and hear that magic sound of 16 valves.  The engine fired quick enough just unfortunately engine didn’t run smooth on idle. In KR engine there is a mechanical fuel distribution system and since it is not new I didn’t expect it to be working perfectly. Investigating deeper I found the reason of rough idle – testing mechanical injectors I found that not all make steam spray, every injector sprayed not equal amount of petrol:

Situation was fixed with new injectors installed.

Another issue found – leaking high pressure spot. Fixed by making new thread and placing adapter.



One more MK2?

This is the 3rd VW Golf MK2 in my life. Third time never lies? 🙂 We will see.  I feel that this is my last Golf project but the best.

The very first Golf Mark II

I used to own 1991 VW Golf Mark 2  during my young student days:


Poor CL interior –  no velours or either  recaro seats, no power windows, no soft panel, no tinted glass, lots of cheap elements. Despite big bumper (only at the front) and nice Royal Blue colour it had regular exterior.




1.3i Digifant II ECU controlled engine produced 40 KW, 65HP.  Run very well till water pump failed and due to that head gasket got blown.  Spent together around 60 k kilometers till the end came at 185 000 km. Instead of fixing it, bought another Golf.

The second, red Golf Mk2dalys

After first Golf passed away I decided to take something more powerful. It happened so that 1989 Golf MK2 GTI was on sale. It was not in perfect condition, body repaint was required. Lots of worn parts – chassis, breaks, etc. It had 1.8i, 8v Digifant II ECU controlled engine that was running pretty good!  But everything else needed a lot of attention. I end up with that red Golf by splitting it apart.


Third MK2 Golf – the legend

This time I bought the legend of MK 2 Golf  – 1.8i, 16V KR Golf. The Golf was about to  going to the scrapyard so I can say that I saved him from previous owner.

It was bought as a project but nothing was done for about 3 years. Odometer shows 280 000 km. Unfortunately Golf  is in bad condition both body and interior… Previous owners didn’t care about it much I assume.  As I have a lot of spare parts from my previous Golfs, let’s bring  Golf MK2 KR legend back to life!